Academics comprise the study and work done in schools, colleges, and universities. To succeed in this field, you need to have both theoretical and practical knowledge. An assignment is just a way to evaluate your skills.


As per the Assignment Help writers, students often go through stress and anxiety due to tremendous pressure. The pressure does not only come from academics but also from the parents and the faculties. The set of expectations drawn by them always bounds the students. The score is important inside the college as well as outside the college. But not every student is capable of that. They find it difficult to secure good grades in exams due to many reasons. The reasons could be any of the followings:


  • No learning environment
  • Socioeconomic issues
  • The income of the family
  • Parents education
  • Physical and mental health of the student
  • Teaching technique and so on.

One of the above reasons can be responsible for your poor grades or failure in academics.


What are the basic factors behind poor academic grades of a student?


If your grades gradually start to drop, any of these several reasons might be the problem. These reasons fall under three main categories. These categories can be summed up as the following:


  • Internal Organizational Factors:

Education does not depend on students. It requires the involvement and effort of the student, teacher, and parents. The internal organizational factors showcase the prime problems that need attention:


  • Poor teaching method
  • Educator’s professional behavior
  • Poor facilities
  • Lack of evaluation methodology
  • Not offering assignment writing help to students
  • Offering online assignment help rather than in person help
  • Individual Factors:

Individual factors shed light on the student’s personal issues. It comprises the following components:


  • Not having a goal
  • Lack of motivation
  • Attending classes and lectures irregularly
  • Inadequate preparation
  • Improper mental and physical health

Planning in advance can sometimes affect your academic performance. When you study in advance, you become ignorance about what the teacher is teaching in class.


  • External Organizational Factor:

Learning of a student depends on the following external factors as well:


  • The education level of your parent
  • The behavior of your parent
  • Your family’s socioeconomic status
  • Occupation

It is very important for the students to understand which factor is affecting them. Afterwards they need to work on it to improve their academic grades.

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